Wool Dryer Balls

Striped Dryer Balls

Place 3 or more in dryer with each load of laundry. Saves money by reducing drying time. Eliminates need for chemical-laden dryer sheets & softens clothes and reduces wrinkles. Lasts for over 500 drying loads. Perfect for sensitive skin and babies. Felted using Canadian wool from Canada’s oldest woolen mill, Briggs & Little. Come in solid white, blue, or greys or color mixes including striped. Sold in sets of 3. Solid colours now available on Etsy.

Beeswax Food Wraps

Never more than a few sets the same!

Use to cover food, bowls, plates Made out of 100% cotton in plenty of funky patterns and colors. These are made in small batches using organic beeswax and jojoba oil and naturally sourced pine rosin. These last about a year with care. Don’t use with meat an always use cool water when cleaning. I am always sourcing new colors and patterns of fabric so there are always fresh designs coming into stock. Sold in sets of 3 (1 small (8″x8″), 1 medium (10″x10″), 1 large (12″x12″). Other sizes or singles available on request. Organic fabric now available.

Organic Cloth Produce Bags

Sets of 6 bags

Made using organic, unbleached cotton muslin with elastic and toggles. These are great for both produce and bulk food and can be washed and used again and again. The small size is perfect for herbs and spices while the largest is great for root veggies and potatoes or delicate lettuces. Sold in sets of 6 (2 small, 2 medium and 2 large). Sets of 3 now available too.

Organic Moonpads

Comfy and absorbent

Light, Regular, Super and, coming soon, Super Plus. These moonpads are made out of soft, absorbent organic flannel with a thick organic cotton centre with plastic snaps to hold them in place. Wash in cold water after rinsing well or soaking, and dry in a dryer on low. Coming soon – travel bags to store clean and used pads in when on the go!

Organic Face Pads

Face pads!

Remove make up or cleanse your face with these pads made out of soft, organic flannel.

Bowl Cozies

Bowl Cozy in action

These awesome cozies protect hands from heat when eating soups, chilis, etc. They are washable and reversible. Made using 100% cotton, these are also microwaveable. Sold individually or in pairs.

Hot/Cold Pads

Long Hot/cold Pads

Used for sore muscles, cramps, soothing kids and warming beds, these hot cold pads are made with 100% cotton and filled with basmati rice. Heat in the microwave or oven or put in the freezer depending on use. Sold as singles in either long format for round necks, knees, lower backs or square for bellies, feet, beds.

Lavender Eye Pillows

Organic Lavender

Amazing for both meditation, yoga and relaxation. The smell is amazing being filled with a combination of rice for weight and organic lavender for scent all enveloped in 100% cotton for breathability. Sold as singles in one size.

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